Father’s Memories

This project concerns the photographs of my dad. It wonders about the absence and the memory. My dad is died when I was a child, so I don’t know his history, his memories and his life. I used the old photos of my family, specially of my dad or the photos taken from my dad. I assembled them and I created the new pictures. There are differents levels of absence: that of my father’s figure; the memory; that of the past life which gets lost and gets confused; the imaginary and imagined memories; the life that passes and disappears and that of reconstruction something that never existed. The result is old pictures (80s) which are absurdes for the composition.

In the project,  it’s very important the matter, it was interesting for me to work with a look that does not belong to me. To play with overlays, to create a absurde and false reality is also a way to question in general the memory concept and the connection with a memory. A memory that defines and determines us. In this case, it’s me who define and determine a past that is not mine either.